For months, Kyoto State has been an idea in the making. It probably could’ve been done in a much shorter amount of time, but here we are now - finally making our appearance (as a business) on the world wide web.

The honest truth:

It was only in April 2015 that the idea to make Kyoto-style coffee towers came to me. I hadn’t thought to further the coffee tower project my dad and I first did together - at least, not on a grand scale.

At first, starting a business like this seemed crazy but when it comes down to it, this business is exactly what I've been hoping for my whole life. I have the privilege of doing what I love with the people I love, and that is incredible!

So, yes. Here we are now, presenting our craft to you, hoping it leaves you inspired and wanting to see more!

Until we fully kick things into gear, enjoy the journey with us and please excuse our dust as we continue to build up our business.

- Cara